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Trendy Dresses Fall-Winter

Trendy Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-19

As the maker of small and dark colors and number five perfume, Coco Chanel once said: “When we have to choose a man and a cloth, choose a dress.” So we will do the autumn-winter fashion on the eve of the 2018 season, which sets the course for originality and experiments. Its ambiguity is seen in sodium trends: black leather clothes, pink baby doll clothes, velvet artistic reflections which are transferred to silver glazes of silver, and lightweight silk fabrics with thick fur. Let’s meet the new season in an innocent dress!

Noble Velvet

First, it was considered a particularly proud clothing, today is a very common cloth in the new season. It has not been used extensively in clothing and goods, hence it is necessary to have a velvet dress that will definitely become one place in your closet for all possible and impossible opportunities. We focus our attention on velvet, especially on night clothes, which can be reinforced on the stylized historical fabric, which we knit with the great ladies of the knights as well as the bold models of ultra mini clothes and shirts. Reminds it.

Easy Fit

It’s a fall, the dress obviously loses its shape: maximum free cut, more length, natural clothes and anything else that makes the trick difficult. Sometimes it looks like an oversized night shirt, in which you can not compete almost anything at all. It seems that the shape is completely inappropriate, but it has an effect from the desired. It can easily deform the shoulder, add volume and cover the shoe completely. If we think about comfort, then we choose a large bag and thick leather shoes. You can complete your image with long leather gloves (if your choice was made on a small sleeve pattern).


During the presence in the previous sessions, immediately after the frequency we recognize it: Blazer dress has also been given a place of respect here. In the original there are two row button jackets in the original colors, as well as various materials used in accordance with texture such as leather and tweed, dress and satin clothes. By choosing patterns on the waist, note the wide leather straps with heavy metal boxes. During the autumn season 2018-19, blazer dresses with innovation cap elements, and here again we will need leather gloves to elbows!

Baby Doll Style

Colorful color with baby doll style fluffy clothes in pink colors. In the style of dolls enter the wardrobe in the autumn-winter season, due to which the spring mood comes with them. Typical specificity is versatile and quantity, which is made with pockets and frills. Apart from this, attention is given to creative elements, especially the sleeves: They meet with round and exaggerated shapes. In the case of shoes, waiting with an unexpected decision: Large military style shoes, cowboy style boots, which are the opposite, but also complete light pink clothes.

Knitted Dresses

Comfortable oversized sweater In autumn-winter 2018-19 very comfortable midi and maxi have been replaced with wool fabric. But the principle of both is the same: a high collar, wide sleeve (bishop or sheep’s foot), woolen ornaments. We are wearing them under the fringe, fur, leather inserts, or a pleated skirt, which will look light under the stylish tote dress.


The total haze and gradient color fall in the autumn-winter fashion trends is at the forefront of 2018-19. And these transitions are done in a series of colors, as well as in the opaque colors palette. At the center of meditation there are various textures of silk fabrics: light shiny satin light to transparent chiffon. The idea of ​​an innocent evening image is a dark color scheme with black color shiny emerald or blue color. Apart from this, there are variations in red wine, lilac and chocolate.


A wonderful option that will be leather clothing: impure, real, matte or varnish – in any format. And if you still have not got the right leather dress, then you will get this new season. And besides, you can now choose it for almost any type of body: such as pencil dress, wide cut, leather sandra with a long skirt, shirt style, tuxedo-dress and more.

Fur trim

We have already become aware that fur dominates in the new season. And the clothes have not made an exception, but on the contrary, it has adopted a new trend in all its manifestations. Like fur is found everywhere: on the sides of the sleeves and hems, with the length of the product etc. We enjoy the combination of new decorative elements, making both the dense wool fabric and interesting combination of transparent chiffon.

Bulky shoulders

Bring homage in the 80’s, we rely on the maximum shoulder volume. If you have to go to a cocktail party, then you do not have to do anything new inventions. Choosing a high shoulder temporal dress, and some classic flats and a purse is enough. Weather secrets include this texture: Keeps an original image with leather, vinyl and metal colors. Make sure you do not get less than precious metals in the night!

Mini dresses

This decline, the length of the dress is greatly reduced. So, leave embarrassment and show your beautiful, unlimited long legs. And a basic condition is high heels and an elegant jacket, which is surrounded on the shoulders. The latter is useful for cold evenings. Apart from this, these styles open the body quite actively, accentuating one or both shoulders, arms, back and neckline.

Silver gloss

In each season the cold glow becomes brighter and shining and it not only looks in the evening: we can add some silver using lurex yarn. And for cocktails or parties of a different format, you can choose bright surfaces with a mirror or hologram effect. The disco-style form is balanced with the original accessories. A successful dialogue with a silver dress will create a pair of leather flats in dark colors and a small clutch.