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Summer Fashion and Beauty – Dos and Dont’s

Summer Fashion and Beauty – Dos and Dont's


Hey Pops! Summer fashion and beauty come in, is not it a little challenging? I think it is difficult to decide what we should wear in the summer marking our country

Because of the hot weather, we can not wear denim. Also, if we wear small clothes then we are at risk of being tanks. Fashion is subjective for a person and we want to give some tips here

To make summer easy without damaging our skin, we need to take some precautions, these little things will make our life really easy! Let’s quickly crush this summer hacks

Don’t dare to ditch your sunscreen

Fashion and beauty should always be in hand. If you want to look great even in the summer, always take care of your skin. And on the day of the clouds, whenever Sun plays peek-a-boo, we will advise you to use sunscreen. The most important thing is that you should apply sunscreen to specially exposed areas.

Avoid super short shorts

Actually small shorts look like underwear and sometimes bombs are also seen. To avoid this, you can try for a while, weak, light shorts and demand cut is always more sleek and comfortable. Summer Fashion is everything about being casual.

Do add a pop of colour

Who says the heat is about pastel colors? Rather everyone likes to wear all colors during the summer. It makes us feel fresh and vibrant every day.

A t-shirt dress is your buddy

A hot T-shirt dress for summer, which is our on-the-go dress. You can wear it day and night. For accessories, you can take a comfortable and fancy footwear and a sling bag. And you are ready to go. We also like to visit them during the summer.

Do try new sunglasses shades/silhouettes

This is the best part about summer and we love colors. We can try eyes, cat eyes, aviators and other sizes. This is the summer flat lens trend. Try Unity Break – Try something new.

Don’t wait until Independence day to wear white

Independence day. White is always attractive and unquestionably summer neutral color. When we sty ourselves in all its white colors, we feel very airy and light.

Do linger to layer

Layering is not just for winter. Rather, while blocking harmful sun rays, light cotton / linen blazers or jackets can always add a statement to your organization.

Do cling to the off-shoulder trend

Closer shoulders are our favorites. One year since then, I still love this trend and it always happens!