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Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2018-19

Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2018-19

To become an attractive and modern form, a man needs to know the basic methods of men’s fashion and to choose what will be best on his personality. Fortunately, men’s fashion now offers different types of trends that can make a real picture without losing personality and men of any style can follow. Let’s see the main fashion trends of men for the fall of 2018-19-winter season.

Wear the suit with sport footwear

Let’s start with a good news for everyone who knows the unrivaled comfort of the sports shoes. In the presentations for the next season, fashion designers Valentino, Givenchi, Paul Smith, Versace and others have launched their models, which are wearing cool suits in combination with shoes. It has become a form of official confirmation that the barred pertaining to another fashion has been removed: sports shoes can now be worn with office suits

Cuffed Jeans

Unlike the previous trend, which appeared for the first time, Cafard Jeans fashion returned after a five-year break. The models in Catherine Jeans at Fashion Show stand on the podium.

This trend is both relevant in the combination of summer sports shoes and winter boots. In the boot variant, the breathing trousers have to reach their shores, and ankle is detected in the summer.


There is a new trend in men’s clothing in the collection, which will make the inhabitants of particular winter countries happy. And long Puffs are no longer becoming favorites for women but also for men. The knee length will protect the owner of its cool winds. Actually, this is one of the most useful trends.


For those who love the classic style, many fashion houses have been introduced, which will be the same in the mid-sized straight quotes that they like. All alternatives presented with single or double breasted, monochromatic and plaid, with and without straps, add only one direct that have a slight length between the elegant silhouette and the knee.


While men’s jackets and coats have both emerged for “knee”, they have returned to the traditional winter clothing such as lamb, and a small version. Famous fashion designers have presented different patterns of coat, of which the long trousers cover the waist heavily. This length is especially comfortable during driving.

In the collection of major designs with a combination of laconic cut leather and contrast fur. Fans of the fancy options will be interested in the collection of French fashion house Balman in the coat of small lamb with complex and cut in the collection.


In the autumn and winter of 2018-19, bomber jackets are still in fashion trends. They constantly seek out the design of new designs and also inspire designers. Bamboo jackets made from cloth in the Season’s innovations are combined in the colors of applications, inserts and even floral prints.


Classic style and striped shirts will always be relevant, but indications of the autumn-winter season are separating the straps in clothing of men of other types, such as suits, pants, jackets, coats, knitting. And if the thin stripes are not very contrary and are not very contrary, the suit and coat will be relevant to the coat, the shiny stripes in the opposite colors are available for the woven cloth, for example, can be seen in the collection of French fashion house Givenche.


2018-19 Confirmation of the return of small plant in the collection of autumn-winter season. This traditional print has been demonstrated by fashion houses for jackets, suits and fabric trench quotes.


Flowers printed fabrics are used in fashion collections, such as Dolce and Gabbana, Atro, Belgium, to create brand drops van notes. Compared to the female version of this print, the color of flowers introduced to men is different from schematics and monochromatic colors.