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Hair Color Trends 2018

Hair Colour Trends 2018-19

A suitable hair colour can completely change your image. In 2018 fashionable hair colours will lighten your skin and will enhance your eyesight. The colour history of monochromatic hair has made many changes, new techniques are being replaced, which we will describe in detail below.

Hair Color Trends 2018-19

Women what color trends will be presented in 2018? The stylists urge us to choose black colored colors or black colors near the chocolate.

Fashion will be an extraordinary element, in which there is a contrasting contrast between the natural colors of the hair in bright colors. For example, there is a very famous graduation infection where the hair ends are painted in blue, pink or purple colors.

California Highlights, where the tips are mild compared to the roots, but remain fashionable. This kind of blurred roots produce an effect, which left the feeling of bad taste 5 years ago. There will be an incredibly demand for platinum white colors, which are especially suitable for white people who want to give the image a touch of originality.


Blonde Shades

Today, there are alternatives to having many white hair dye, which will look stylish, suit the color shade and will not change the mood. The most popular blonde colors for 2018 are:

  • silver
  • gold
  • cream
  • caramel
  • platinum
  • gold rose

And it is also to say that bleaching is stress free for hair, so white people have to put hair, masks, special oils, if they want to look healthy and care for their hair.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Goro has not only won celebrities such as Cara Delewing, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, but also created a new phenomenon. Apart from this, platinum blonde should be present on short hairstyles.

Caramel Blonde

There are different reasons to love this color: At the same time, it seems elegant, glowing in cold and warm vowels. Caramel is suitable for any shade of white: Elite yellow or sexy golden bronze. Caramel is suitable for women of all ages.

Cream Blonde

Generally, cream blonde platinum blonde has a friendship with a yellow color. If you are still trying to get rid of yellow on your hair, then it is wasted, do not waste your time in it and play a skilled colorful artist to make a modern colored cream blonde. A small sunshine does not hurt anyone.

Gold Rose

This hair color is only suitable for white people, and if you have saliva, then the process of bleaching is only inevitable. The color becomes light, pastel, and the image itself becomes light and special. This shadow is suitable for everyone:

  1. short-haired ladies;
  2. long-haired ladies;
  3. ladies with asymmetric haircuts.

Dark Roots

As the first-grown roots appear, you will not have to run away with your colorful artist. The color difference between hair and the total length of the roots is now in fashion. Apart from this, this secret is used by many celebrities. Does this seem like, or is it the most convenient trend that has ever existed?

2018 Hair colors trends for dark hair

It does not matter how we try to avoid dark hair colors, now come back to fashion. If you want to keep your hair color or if you want to get it back, then choose a darker color with brown shadow, so your color will be lighter than black at that time. Among the dark colors are the following:

  • chocolate
  • hazel brown
  • coffee
  • black
  • chestnut

Also, in this season, you can choose them by combining them in any quantity, you can highlight one or two stars, you can use bleaching or ombre technique.


Child dyeing techniques in acute dark shades have long been left out of experts in Dunia. And it was replaced by all types of other techniques, and even to avoid black hair hair, the girls’ hair was painted in red colors. But time does not stand still and now there is a lot of demand for black hair

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered one of the most popular hair color among women. There is a proper explanation in it: The color is very natural, but it is very fast as well.

Intense Red

Many women seem to be bored with the usual brown or blond, the same color of the hair. This is the reason why they are experimenting with new and trying to give their image completely new and different. The sharp red shadow can be a solution for that.

It will fit for almost any woman, expose her from the crowd and give her a personality. The red shadow looks beautiful in the presence of brown, blue and green eyes. And if you have flex or they appear from time to time on your face, then the acute red can leave the sensation of natural color hair.