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Cool Clothing Brands for Boys

Cool Clothing Brands for Boys

To express their individual style to their young boys and to ensure that they get a good balance with appearing better with their friends when they exit. It does not matter that they are together at a child’s birthday party, or spend the day playing around in the park, a main mission remains: they have to look cool.

It is a story that it is easy to find good clothes for girls, because there are so many brands that devote to the boys who celebrate personality and style. With so much flexibility of boys’ clothes for styles, prints and shapes, we have decided to complete a list of brands of super cool boys who will never allow you to buy clothes for “cool boys” No “phrase will say!

These designers produce the kind of clothes that would meet the approval of both boy, Dad and Mum – while most importantly encouraging self-expression and personal style. Now that’s super cool!

Armani Junior

A classic designer brand in its own right; Armani Jr. Follows the footsteps of her original brand, with her collection of sleek and stylish boys. Offering fast-ready garments for small people, Armani only uses the finest quality clothes to make a sophisticated and international look. The boys can prepare for some reputed favorite names to impress with polo shirts, smart long sleeve shirts and logo beanies. However, when the emphasis has always been on easy chic, the brand continues to look fresh and cool, as with more comfortable casual jogging suits and classic Armani trainers but with a bold and current turn. For SS 16, boys’ clothing is highlighted with colorful stimuli, which makes the border more fun and care-free to appeal to our modern boys.

Massimo Dutti

Producing boys wear since 2003, Massimo Dutti tends to have a richer luxe feel to its styling, with lots of neutrals and soft colors across natural fabrics, such as wool, cotton, suede and leather. A good-quality premium brand that aims to provide long-wearing garments with strong durability, great for our little boys who like to be active. Keeping up with its Spanish roots, boys clothing is simple yet statement, with minimalist designed graphic print tees, smooth knit jerseys, leather trim accessories and everyday color palettes.

Paul Smith Junior

Paul Smith Jr. is a popular British brand that is making fun, unique collection for fashion-forward kids. The boys have a much more playful experience compared to other designers in their collections, prints to paint the use of colors and the style of style. Electric blues, deep burgundy and bold strips can be seen in Chinos, Bomber Jackets and Kameron, so today’s boy can be the best of ‘crew’.

Hugo Boss

The German heritage brand Hugo Boss have been producing beautiful and contemporary clothing for years, with their kids wear range reflecting this. You can expect collections consisting of modern classics and versatile designs, with cool and colorful statement pieces so kids can really be standing out. The Hugo Boss boys brand is usually described as ‘hip’, aimed at the boys who ‘just want to have fun’, which does indeed mean running around the playground and simply enjoying their care-free lives. Key looks include check detail shirts, belted coats, cotton blazers and denim shirts, allowing today’s trendy boy to be catwalk ready.


British heritage style is known for its signature, Burberry range is classic and traditional, with smart, high quality garments that are meant to maintain their luxury reputation. Since the brand is known for its signature check statement prints and loves, this feature appears in the year after year in the Buribari Heritage collection, giving boys the cheapest piece of piece in designer history. Timeless print can be worn in such things as scarves to provide that small flash of specific British style.


Another brand popular for being ‘Quintessentially British’, this established designer brand has reiterated its men’s limitations for viewers over two decades. Trendy boys can expect our country to compete tweed jackets with sporty polo shirts, crisp oxford shirts and jackets, in which there is a consistent, intelligent and sleek overall experience. Public school boy, step aside…


For your stylish yet sporty mini-m, Lacoste’s colorful, young and fun collections provide after the year. A big focus is focused on the game on the brand, so the game reflects the luxury trend, which provides comfortable, timeless and comfortable items. Three-color baseball caps, bomber jackets and comfortable logo polo shirts ensure that your style icon little boy is not just watching good excitement on his favorite sports team, but he has also stepped out to join.

Richmond JR

Launched in 2005, the Richmond Jr. Label is fully produced in Italy, and John Richmond’s unique creativity for children was born with the desire to translate the fashion line. In short sizes, John Richmond presenting collections that mention the stylist elements of wardrobe, striking colors and funny details come out to play today to provide a fashionable world to the boys. Combining color and graphic print team together to look a playful and youthful

Ralph Lauren kids

From prepay polo shirt to classic rugby style top, it’s about classic and traditional for Ralph Lauren. The boys will be stylish clothing boys wearing this luxury polo inspired designer brand in beautiful and colorful collections. The boys can be ready to represent the cool young men in smart gingham shirt, sleek middle sneakers and cotton knit cotton sweater.